Shimano price match

Suffolks Sport will price match Shimano fishing gear

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SCSA Taipan X
SCSA Taipan X
In Stock
Starting from $1249
Shimano esky
Shimano Ice Box

Don’t think the Yeti is worth the cost?

Well neither do we. Check out the Shimano Freeze limited (forgive the google translate of the Japanese name) Ice Box.

Ever lost the bung of your Yeti? If you have you are not alone.

The Shimano Ice Box has a fixed bung, the lid opens on either side and it comes in great colours.

It comes in 32L and 40L capacities.

Best of all, it’s significantly cheaper so come and grab yourself a bargain.

We have them
CCI Quiets

Neighbours complain when you shoot at home?

Screw on hearing protection a no no?
This is the answer.

Quieter then you think.


Thermal and Night Vision

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