Firearm Safety Training Course

Need to complete your NSW firearms safety course? You’ve come to the right place. All of the gun shop guys are fully qualified trainers, have years of experience in the shooting industry and will make sure you pass your test the first time(we’ve never had anyone fail, yet!) We run training courses on behalf of the Firearm Safety & Training Council Ltd. The course is accredited by the NSW Firearms Registry and will prepare you for ownership and usage of a firearm including providing the skills necessary to safely handle a firearm. All successful participants receive a Statement of Attainment that covers the legislated training requirement for the issue of a firearm licence. Courses are run Tuesday to Friday between 9am and 3pm and take approximately an hour and a half to two hours, depending on your prior knowledge of firearms. The course is generally run 1 on 1 to ease the pressure on you – our aim is to make sure you are not only comfortable handling firearms, but can above all do so SAFELY! The course consists of theory covering the basics of firearms, legislation and your obligations as a law abiding firearms owner, a short multiple choice test, and then concludes with a practical lesson in the safe handling of firearms. Whilst you do get to handle the firearms, at no stage during the course do you get to handle live ammunition or fire any firearm. The course costs $144 for adult licenses and $77 for minors permits. Payment can only be made via credit card (incl. debit cards), cheque or money order made payable to Firearms Safety Training Council. Suffolk Sports collects your payment info on behalf of the training council – we do not take/process payment for the course at all. You will be charged when the training council processes your paper work after the successful completion of your course.

Please note this course does not cover handguns – the pistol handlers course is conducted by approved clubs only(SSAA Northern Rivers Branch are the people to contact for our area)

To register for the course contact the store on (02)6621 3047