Police Seizures

If you have had your firearms seized by the NSW Police in the Northern Rivers area we offer the following services;

We can acquire your firearms from NSW Police and do any of the following:

  • Store them on-site until the issue is resolved and your firearms can be returned.
  • Transfer them to a family member or friend who is appropriately licensed.
  • Purchase them from you.
  • Sell them on consignment.


Acquisition of seized firearms from NSW Police:

$250 for the first firearm and $50 per each additional firearm – this includes one months storage.

Firearm storage:

$25 per month per firearm (after the first month)

Consignment Fees:

Sale price <$1000 – $150 plus advertising costs

Sale price >$1000 – 15% plus advertising costs

Sale price >$3000 – 12.5% plus advertising costs