Abbey Archers Tuning Kit

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All you need to properly tune your bow.

The nine piece Abbey Archers Tuning Kit includes

  • One Saunders Nok Set Pliers
  • One Saunders T Gauge Bowsquare
  • One Hoyt Super Rest
  • Six Saunders String Nok Sets

Ensure you always have your vital tuning tools at the ready at all times with an archer’s tuning kit including the two most important tuning tools – your precision bow square and universal nock pliers. They should always be stowed in your tackle box or in your bow case.

Abbey Archers Tuning Kit comprises

  • Saunders Nok Set Pliers are used to install or remove string nocks without marring the bow string. String nocks are commonly called noksets
  • The Saunders T Gauge Bowsquare to determine your nocking point placement and to allow you to install noksets, kisser buttons and peep sights and to check the brace height. A bowsquare locates the nocking point, measures the brace height. It is one tool for permanent accuracy and improves your score the first time. It is lightweight, convenient and accurate and is regarded as the best tool for tillering compound bows. The bowsquare suits both right and left handed archers and can be used for competitions, bowhunting and backyard archery
  • Hoyt Super Rest with self adhesive backing, to support your arrow while you are drawing back your bowstring
  • Six Saunders String Noks have a soft plastic liner to grip and protect the bowstring and keep arrow-to-string position consistent

If you bought all of these accessories separately, they would cost you a whole lot more.

If you would like sent instructions on how to use the bowsquare, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering.

Please note the Forked Horn Bow Square is shown for illustration purposes pending uploading of the Saunders Bowsquare.