Atomic Hardz Shiner 85 Double Deep

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Introducing the Hardz Shiner Hardbody Lure 85mm by Atomic! This lure has been developed as a “double deep” lure, allowing them to dive to very deep depths of up to 4.5m! Working effectively on barra, these lures are designed to be cast and retrieved – however, as these larger lures are also floating lures, ensure you work these with a steady retrieve and pause to allow the lure to float, avoiding any snags. The 85mm is 18g in weight and is available in a variety of fish-loving colours, such as Silver Wolf!

  • Double deep diving lure
  • Designed with a tight wobble and roll action
  • Larger models are also floating
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Dives to 4.5 metres


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