Ballista Trance 50

After Dark – Out of Stock

Black Frog – In Stock

Brown Trout – In Stock

Golden Guts – In Stock

Hybrid Green – In Stock

Purpetrator – In Stock

Rainbow Trout – In Stock

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The Trance features our new micro LED that allows us to fit our technology inside a lure so small. The 50mm minnow has a suspending buoyancy, this works in brilliantly with the LED sitting on the spot flashing. You will notice more bites from the LED in dirty water, overcast conditions, dawn/dusk and after dark. Diving to 6 feet you can cover a wide variety of scenarios and fish including Bass, Bream, Trout, Red Fin and many more.

Now available in After Dark, this is a significantly reduced LED specifically for night time fishing.


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