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The Shimma Shrimp introduces an all-new dimension to soft vibes. With a life like shrimp body design that vibes on the lift and opens it’s tail and glides when sinking, the Shimma Shrimp’s unique erratic action is highly attractive to many Australian species. Built from super stretchy TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material and fitted with high quality Owner hooks and rings, Shimma Shrimp is built to last and tangle with everything from finicky creek dwellers to the meanest freight trains of the reef.

Research has shown us that when finding food fish first rely on their sense of sight. Their monocular lenses allow for a huge field of vision on either side of their body, with some species able to detect prey up to 25m away in clear water.

Once a potential food item is detected, these far-sighted eyes can no longer distinguish details, so fish approach to within 30cm and inspect potential food with their near-sighted binocular vision. To capitalise on this, Berkley scientists fine-tuned the natural profile and colours of the Shimma Shrimp in every detail, so no matter what direction fish approach, they are visually inclined to strike.

In inducing a fish to strike, a lure’s action must also pass up-close inspection from the lateral line, a trait unique to fish which allows them to sense movement of prey within three body lengths. Knowing this, Berkley scientists have harmonized the vibration, yaw and sinking pitch of the Shimma Shrimp to entice decisive strikes from fish, even in the most turbid waters.

65mm 3.5g
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