Blood Vane Standard Diameter

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The patent pending Blood Vane fletching will make all other fletchings obsolete. Never has there been a faster, easier more precise way to fletch. Just slide it on and place a dot of glue in each of the external glue holes. The one piece design allows for ultimate repeatability in manufacturing and produces the tightest groups possible. Step up to the easiest to install most accurate vane ever produced.

  • Just slide it on and glue.
  • The Blood Vane contains three internal channels that run the full length of the vane. Glue travels the length of the vane through these channels, and creates an indestructible bond.
  • One piece molded design allows for ultra consistency from vane to vane.
  • The most durable vane “period”.
  • 2” long high profile design for ultimate stability
  • Weight is just 31 grains.
  • Flexible construction


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