Daiwa Beefstick/Strikeforce baitcaster Combo

561MB/100SH 4-8kg – In Stock

601HB/100SH 6-12kg – In Stock

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Beefstick Rod

Dressed in black and featuring striking blue highlights, this is a rod series that packs plenty of punch. Featuring a matt black finish, the Beefstick has a graphite/glass butt for unmatched strength and durability, with the lower section featuring a carbon wrap for added strength and weight reduction.

A solid integrated tip provides ultimate sensitivity, yet delivers unmatched durability. Solid, yet sensitive guides provide ultimate connectivity between angler and fish, with their ultra tough construction handling the rigors of angling, while their sensitive design delivers anglers unmatched feel for a rod of its price.

Shaped, ultra sensitive custom EVA grips blend perfectly with the Beefstick’s reel seats, providing anglers with the comfort and control to take full advantage of the rod’s power and performance. A composite cork butt cap contrasts perfectly in looks with the matt black styling of the rod, for a modern touch of class, while its durable design makes it perfect for the rough and tumble of rod holders and rough ground.

Strikeforce 100SH Reel

Performance and value begins with the Strikeforce’s graphite frame, gear and side plates. Highly corrosion resistant and supremely strong the graphite frame and side plates provide an impenetrable housing for Strikeforce’s bullet proof gearing system.

Designed and engineered to perfection the Strikeforce’s gears mesh seamlessly for unrivalled gear precision and power, while a large swept handle enhances reel balance and performance by bringing the balance point of the reel closer to the centre axis of the reel for maximum cranking power and feel.

Large ergonomic knobs provide a super comfortable connection between angler and reel, with their non-slip design putting power and control right in the angler’s hand.

The Strikeforce’s large capacity, high strength aluminium spool provides plenty of room for you favourite line while its perfectly balanced and refined construction ensures optimum reel and rotational balance both on the cast and on the crank.

Casting performance has never been better in an entry level baitcaster with Daiwa’s Magforce magnetic cast control system delivering outstanding casting control regardless of the conditions or an angler’s casting experience and abilities.

Back lashes are a thing of the past with the open access spool allowing full thumb access to the spool during the cast while the Magforce casting control system delivers trouble free pin point casts every time.

Four ball bearings ensure optimum smoothness and rotational refinement, while a 7.1:1 retrieve ratio provides all-round suitability for a host of species and techniques.


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