Dickinson T1000 Synthetic 12G 20″ Shotgun

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Designed from the ground up to meet Australian shooter demands, these shotguns allow for faster follow up shots, and their increased capacity goes well beyond that of a standard over and under. Further, Dickinson T-1000’s price-point is incredibly reasonable, meaning you are getting an excellent quality gun at a very affordable price.

Its straight pull design allows the user to simply pull the bolt handle backwards allowing for fast ejection of spent shells, quick reloading from the magazine tube, and re-cocking of the firing pin. Once the bolt handle is let go by the shooter, it feeds the next round into the chamber ready to be fired.

For a shotgun that allows for fast handling at close ranges, the compact 20″ barrel will serve you well.

*4+1 mag capacity.

*5 extended chokes & additional 2-round magazine restrictor included


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