Ecogear PX45F

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The Ecogear PX45 has been designed to mimic a frantic prawn trying to flee across the waters surface from a hungry predator below. Built for maximum action and appeal, Ecogear’s PX45 incorporates a small cup-face to produce a very enticing forward splash from the lure. Attached to the rear treble is a set of life like antenna which adds to the overall appeal and realistic attraction of this surface bait. Designed ultra slick and streamlined the PX45 is great to cast and it allows the angler various retrieve techniques, such as “walk the dog”. It produces in many different fishing environments, especially sand flats where this lure is the perfect choice.
Ecogear’s PX45 is fantastic for Whiting, Bream, Australian Bass, Trout, Flathead and more.


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