Headhunter 18 in 1 Cube Archery Target

HH-CUBEPIG Pig – Out of stock

#6418 (HH-CUBECIRCLE) Green Reticle –Out of Stock

(HH-CUBESPOT) Circle – In Stock


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With 18 vivid target zones made from solid self-healing foam, the 18-1 can take arrow after arrow without losing its shape or integrity. The 18-1 is light enough to carry with its own easy-to-carry handle, making it perfect for practice almost anywhere at the club, in the backyard, or even a quick practice session at hunting camp. But it’s heavy enough to stay in place when you shoot it so you can take multiple shots – no risk of shooting across your previous arrows and breaking them.

Whether shooting broadheads, field points or even expandables, the combination of solid self-healing foam and 18 sides make this the longest lasting target available.

Dimensions: Height/Width & Depth: 375mm (15″).