Headhunter 3D Cube Archery Target

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• Highly Durable & Visible. Made with legendary XPE self-healing foam
• Holds up against broadheads, field points and expendables
• Weather Resistant
• Multiple shooting surfaces. Six shooting sides
• Self healing target allows for easy arrow removal making it the perfect target for archery practice

Durable Construction for Longevity
Headhunter’s 3D Cube Archery Target is made from legendary XPE self-healing foam. XPE foam is a denser closed cell foam that will not easily compress with use over time. This enables it to maintain its integrity for years of spirited shooting. The Headhunter target is robust enough to take to the club or host a friendly competition in your backyard. The material is resistant to moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes so you never have to worry about damage from the elements.

Compact and Portable
You’ll find the compact design of the target an added benefit, making it simple to store or put in the car. The target is light-weight and easy to maneuver, perfect for taking to a friend house or camping trip. A sturdy, nylon loop is attached to allow the target to be hung from a tree limb, pole or other fixture.

Innovative Design to Challenge Your Skills 
If you’re looking for a variety of target sizes and multiple ways to challenge yourself, the 3D Cube Archery Target offers the versatility you need. It provides an abundance of target zones in varying sizes and at different angles. The geometry of the target allows it to roll so you can even toss it to practice shooting a moving target. The contrasting colors on the 3D Cube Archery Target make it highly visible. You’ll enjoy shooting the target whether at a distance or close range. Arrows slice neatly with little noise to avoid disturbing neighbors. Choosing a resilient target is essential to ensuring you have plenty of shooting time without the expense of frequent target replacement. The 3D Cube Archery Target is self-healing and withstands even the most vigorous practice sessions and retains its shape through thousands of shots. You’ll find it’s the ideal target for training, demonstration or competitions.