Jackall Charrablade 10g

Brown Dog –  In Stock

Boney –  In Stock

Glow/Gold – Out of Stock

Hanks Wakasagi –  Out of Stock

Iwashi –  In Stock

Ikana Gold –  Out of Stock

Matt Black –  In Stock

Pink/Gold – Out of Stock

Red/Gold – Out of Stock

Styrong Gill – In Stock

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High appeal with its flashing blade, and makes a stress-free comfortable action even in the current. The EYE is designed for each snap attachment. Hooks can be removed easily and quickly for different situations. Like weedless riggs or open water casting. HOOK FREE STRUCTURE is applied so hook is changeable. It restrains lure rotation and contributes for long cast. EASY RUBBER skirt rubber is easy to install/uninstall. you can change the skirt’s color depending on situation.


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