Jackall Colt Minnow

HL Clear Rainbow – In Stock

Bronze Blue Pink – In Stock

Gold & Black – In Stock

Matt Black – Out of Stock

Brown Dog Shrimp – In Stock



The Colt Minnow 65 and 80mm versions are a slender shallow running jerk bait that allows the angler the ability to target fish when they are feeding in shallow water or over flooded weed beds. Its slender bib provides a seductive wiggle and can be used in fast moving water where other lures will “blow out”. This makes it ideal when chasing trout or jungle perch in flowing shallow creeks. Both models will suspend in fresh water and twitching them will keep them in the strike zone for longer.

Fitted with an internal magnetic casting slide these lures will cast like a rocket and allow for accurate long casts, perfect for covering large areas over flats or in the dams. Available in both fresh and saltwater colours these are a must for any bream, flathead, bass, trout or jungle perch angler.


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