Jackall Gantarel 160mm 70g

Black King Gill – Out of Stock
Brown Dog – In Stock
Carp –  In Stock
Copeton Magic –  Out of Stock
Ghost Baby Bass –  In Stock
Gizzard Shad –  In Stock
Goodang – Out of Stock
Rose Arowana – In Stock
RT Half Mirror Hera – Out of Stock
RT Noike Gill –  Out of Stock
Sexy Clear Pink Gill – Out of Stock
Sexy Black –  In Stock
Uroko HL Dying Black – Out of Stock
Uroko HL Gold & Black – Out of Stock
Uroko HL Largemouth Bass – In Stock
Uroko HL Spark Gill – Out of Stock

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160mm of pure Awesomeness! It is molded with extended pectoral fins which allows the lure to dive down to 3 feet with a smooth S shaped action.

A sharp jerk on slack line with turn this bait 180 Degrees to mimic wounded bait fish.


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