Jackall Bass Pino 70F

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Pursuing the possibility of dead throw and wide roll

The strong appeal generated by the big rolling action in the dead slow retrieve has an element that stimulates the instinct of the bass. Even in the field test during the cold season, bass that were brought close to the surface of the water were fired in rapid succession, demonstrating its power.

The third pole responsible for capturing the surface of the water in a new era

bass is the third pole for the new era of water surface capture, following the i-shaped system that eliminates unnecessary movements to the limit and specialises in inviting in a straight line, and the one-point shake that invites you to take detailed actions at one point.

Wide roll specialised long bill & eye setting – Although it is a long bill, it covers a fairly shallow range with a dive depth of about 20 cm. The slender long grip and the setting of the eye position set at the tip are the conclusions for specialising in wide roll. 

Slash ladder – By receiving the water flow with the slash ladder provided at the rear end of the body, it will appeal firmly without breaking the action even in a dead throw.

Pursuing a texture full of freshness – The surface of the gills and body is finely textured to reproduce the realistic texture reminiscent of real small fish.