Jackall TN60


Aussie Shrimp – In Stock

Brown Dog – In Stock

Brown Dog Gill – In Stock

Gold Black Piraruku – In Stock

Gold Crawfish – In Stock

Ghost SS Shad – In Stock

Ghost Gill – In Stock

HL Peacock – In Stock

HL Purple – In Stock

Noike Gill – In Stock

Pink Suji Shrimp – In Stock

Purple Rainbow – In Stock

SC Clear Blue – In Stock

SG Threadfin Shad – In Stock

RT Silver Hera – In Stock

RT Uroko HL Bass – In Stock

Wabsabi Gold & Black – In Stock



Shigure Wakasagi – In Stock

Clear Rainbow Trout – In Stock

Dragon – In Stock

Ghost Gill – In Stock

Ghost Wakasagi – In Stock

HL Black – In Stock

Brown Dog – In Stock

Brown Shiner – In Stock

Snub Nose – In Stock


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The most successful freshwater tournament winning lure in Australian history!

Nothing short of a sensation…First exploding onto the impoundment bass scene, TN’s are now proving their worth in a variety of fresh and salt applications.The Tn series is the most tournament winning/used lure in Australia.  Its unique vibration and sound make it unlike anything else. Its ability to be slow rolled, burnt or hopped makes it a very versatile bait.

NB: Jackall lure colours are subject to constant change, so use this link to reference available colours: TN60 Colours


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