Lithgow LA101 Crossover

Available in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR with Polymer, Walnut or Laminate stock and either Black or Titanium finish

Please contact us to confirm configuration availability 02 6621 3047

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Under the CrossOver banner, Lithgow Arms has produced a rimfire rifle that can be used in a sport shooting match one day and then carried into the field the next. The LA101 features a level of fit and finish that is rarely found in small calibres, a level of quality imparted by using the very same materials, machinery and processes that manufacture our military products, winning the LA101 accolades around the world.

Sub-MOA groups out of the box

Every bolt action rifle that leaves Lithgow Arms is now guaranteed to be able to shoot a three round group measuring less than 1 Minute of Angle (MOA), with match grade/quality target ammunition.The inherent accuracy of our uniquely designed and Australian manufactured rifles has always delivered exceptional accuracy. Now we are prepared to guarantee that in the hands of a skilled shooter with quality ammunition our rifles will consistently form sub-MOA groups. But wait! There’s more! This guarantee now applies to every Lithgow Arms rifle already purchased that has been cleaned and maintained in accordance with the owner’s manual.

10 year warranty

Owners of Lithgow Arms rifles now receive Australia’s best warranty, backed by Australia’s best customer service. Since we are so confident in our rifles, we have extended our manufacturer’s warranty to 10 years on all our bolt action products. This applies to rifles already purchased and is transferable between owners; provided proof of purchase and transfer.


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