Lucky Craft CBD-20

Aurora Gold – In Stock

Flake Flake Happy Gill – Out of Stock

Ghost Minnow – Out of Stock

MS Gun Metal Shad – Out of Stock

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Sexy Chartreuse Perch – In Stock

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The Lucky Craft Flat is available in 2 models – the 75mm Flat CB with diving depths of 12-20 feet and the smaller 50mm Flat Mini with diving depths of 0-6 feet.

Flat CB: available in D-12 (diving depth of 12 feet, 22g) and D-20 (diving depth of 20 feet, 23.5g), these 75mm floating crank baits feature styling that is as functional as it is beautiful. They have a weight moving system that shifts the tungsten weight to the rear of the lure to get maximum distance each cast without losing control and a powerful rolling action is achieved by a low centre of gravity which also produces an excellent flashing/reflection effect. The most notable feature of these baits is the optimised oscillation rate achieved by their slender body designs. Now you will be able to lure those fish hiding in rocky crevices or structure.


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