Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD (Barra)

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The Lucky Craft Pointer has been designed with a very low centre of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low centre of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. Absolutely deadly with any type of stop-and-go retrieve, a short twitch will generate a ‘walk the dog’ action under the water.

Deep Diver (DD) 100mm (16.5g), the suspending DD Pointer dives to the 6-7 foot zone and has a large body which produces a unique action when strongly jerked. The number one ‘power’ bait in the Lucky Craft family. The DD pointer will still produce a ‘walk the dog’ action underwater with a twitching retrieve and suspend in the strike zone to tempt shut down fish or pressured fish.

AU Barra Series: These Japanese made lures have been tweaked to suit Australian fishing with larger species like barramundi and mangrove jacks in mind. With the use of the light weight, yet strong Decoy W-77 trebles, these lures will handle large hard fighting fish while reducing snagging on structure due to the hook shape. Light weight trebles are very important as to not change the buoyancy and action of the lures original design but need to be strong enough to not fail on that fish of a life time, a balance that the W-77 can provide.


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