Megabass Dog-X Jr Coayu

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DOG-X JR. is not simply a downsized version of our original DOG-X. It is certainly a bit smaller than DOG-X as the name indicates, but it is equipped with a new lengthwise moving balancer as well as the now familiar SIDE-STEPPING MOVING BALANCER of the original DOG-X. This new balancer pushes the bait while walking, so that the roll-walk action of DOG-X JR. is sharper and more dynamic for its size. The point is that smaller bait does not have to suffer from a smaller action. The action of DOG-X JR. will remind you of the baitfish chased by a predator, frantically ripping and skipping the water surface. Also, you will find out that casting and retrieving DOG-X JR. with F1 or F2 class Destroyer bait rods is extremely enjoyable due to their high compatibility. If you want to experience the fastest and the smoothest dog-walk action of your life, you must go for DOG-X JR.

Manufactured: Made in Japan
Length: 2-4/5 inch (71 mm)
Weight: 1/5 oz (5.8 g)
Type: Floating
Category: TOPWATER/ Pencil Baits