OSA Buffalo River .308 Win 135gr 3000fps HP

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Australian hunters are always looking for the next generation of hunting and sporting ammunition and OSA Buffalo River ammunition has delivered it (again), with the introduction of a 308Win round using the new Sierra 135gr Hollow Point Varmint projectile, specially dsigned for OSA by Sierra Bullets.

This new 308Win round is manufactured here in Australia and is designed to suit the extreme hunting and game species that we encounter. Buffalo River 308Win is manufactured using the highly acclaimed and time proven ADI propellants; this round exhibits consistent velocity across the Australian extreme temperatures both hot & cold, whilst delivering accuracy and an explosive performance to eclipse the game.

Calibre .308 Win
Muzzle Velocity 3000 fps
Weight 135 gr
Bullet Type Sierra Varmint Hollow Point
Rounds Per Box 20
Rounds Per Case 200


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