Redzone Falcon Compound Package

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The Falcon is the perfect introduction to the world of compound bows. Smooth to draw using a standard round wheel and a generous brace height. Not the fastest bow on the market but one of the most reliable. You can still shoot a flat arrow using a lighter weight shaft and it is ideal for light hunting or target shooting at an archery club. The Falcon features a cast alloy riser and fibreglass limbs in 45-60 pound draw weight. The wheels are adjustable for draw lengths 27-29.

Deluxe Package: Alloy Wheels, Metal Cables, 6-Arrow Quiver, Tri-Slot Peep Sight (Fitted), 5-Pin Fibreoptic Sight, Brush Arrow Rest, Stabiliser, Wrist Sling, Autumn Camo Finish, 6 x Alloy 2117 Arrows, Black Bow Bag.


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