Remington .243 Win 95gr Core Lokt Tipped

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New for this hunting season, Core-Lokt Tipped offers the same proven on-game performance as original Core-Lokt with improved accuracy and long-range potential. Core-Lokt Tipped combines truer flight, flatter trajectory and devastating terminal energy. This is the next evolution of hunting ammunition.


  • BIG GREEN POLYMER TIP – Improves long-range ballistics, in-flight accuracy, and initiates rapid expansion
  • PROVEN CORE-LOKT JACKET – Tuned for optimal performance
  • MATCH-GRADE ACCURACY – Centre of gravity adjusted rearward to maximise accuracy
  • POLISHED BRASS – Factory-fresh Remington brass of the highest quality
  • POWDER – Premier propellent blend specially chosen for optimal performance
  • PRIMER – Dependable Remington primer for fast and sure ignition