Sako 85 Black Bear

Perfect for hunting in punishing terrain and weather, where speed is essential.

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The Sako 85 Black Bear has a medium-contour fluted barrel, a matte black stock with soft gripping surfaces and blued action and barrel. Being light in weight, compact in size and resilient to harsh weather conditions, it is the perfect choice for an active hunter. You will find it to be extremely well balanced, making it ideal for situations that require rapid action.

Available in .30-06 SPFD, .308 Win, .338FED, 8x57IS, 9.3×62 and 9.3×66.

Iron Sights

The 85 Black Bear has rapid target acquisition iron sights with a full rear sight line and bead, and a fluted barrel with a swivel bead.


The Black Bear is equipped with a fluted bull barrel. Bull-style barrels use minimal or no tapering, allowing them to withstand the firing of successive high powered loads.

2-Row Steel Mag

Detachable staggered 2-row steel magazine with TCL preventing unintentional loosening. You can also load through the ejection port.

Easy Handling

The Black Bear has a synthetic stock with soft grip areas on pistol grip and fore-end. The stock also has a recoil pad on the butt.

Bear Series

The Grizzly, Black Bear, Brown Bear and Kodiak are purpose-oriented weapons for bear hunters. All four Bear models feature adjustable fast target acquisition iron sights and a detachable staggered two-row steel magazine with TLC, preventing unintentional magazine release. All can be top-loaded and have controlled cartridge feed, an adjustable single stage trigger and a barrel band for front swivel – plus mechanical case ejection. They are also equipped with integral dovetail rails for secure scope mounting.



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