Sako 85 Finnlight II

The ultra-light Sako 85 Finnlight II is equipped with a fully-adjustable cheekpiece making it adaptable and ready for any challenge.

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Finnlight II lightweight fibreglass & carbon-fibre stock combines a hand made pre-form with the latest in aerospace grade RTM (resin transfer molding) technology to produce a rigid, hi-performace stock of superior durability and repeatable accuracy in all conditions.

Grip surfaces are made from a robust elastomer that has high chemical, UV, scratch and cold/heat resistance on a surface pattern that gives secure grip in all weather conditions all protected  with weather resistance paint. The rear stock offers a quickly adjustable cheek piece that has been coated with same elastomer as the grip surfaces to offer more comfort when conditions are cold. Cheek piece adjustability allows you quickly set your perfect eye alignment with the optical sight, easily adjusted easily by pressing the button on the right side of the stock to set optimal height.

Finnlight II’s barrel action of the is made from stainless steel and all working parts are finished with a Cerakote coating to achieve extreme high durability against all elements. Finnlight II barrel is fluted and the trigger guard and magazine plate are made from aluminium to reduce the weight.

Available in .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, .25-06 Rem, .260 Rem, .270 Win, .270WSM, .30-06 SPFD, .300 Win Mag, .300 WSM, .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×55 Swedish, 7-08 Rem, and 7mm Rem Mag.

Stainless models also available.


Finnlight II’s outer shape is wrapped in multiple fiberglass meshes that offer extremely high stiffness. The area under the barrelled action (bedding surfaces) are all made from carbonfiber to give high strength and minimal heat expansion in the most critical areas.


Adjustable cheek piece adjusts to your facial features and different optical sights.


The grip surfaces are made from a robust elastomer. This material has very high chemical, UV, scratch and cold/heat resistance. Grip surface pattern together with the elastomer gives secure grip in all weather conditions.

Front Grip

Microball painted surface gives you increased grip and a zero shine matte texture for the rifle.


The barreled action of the Finnlight II is made from stainless steel, making the already weather resistant stainless even more robust and durable.


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