Samaki Ribcage Jig

Bobsled  40g – In Stock

Bubble Gum  40g – In Stock

Glow’n’Silver  40g – In Stock

Glowing Pink  40g – In Stock

Golden Sunset  40g – In Stock

Pilly  40g – In Stock

Bobsled  60g – In Stock

Bubble Gum  60g – In Stock

Glow’n’Silver  60g – In Stock

Glowing Pink  60g – In Stock

Golden Sunset  60g – In Stock

Pilly  60g – In Stock

Bobsled  80g – In Stock

Bubble Gum  80g – In Stock

Glow’n’Silver  80g – In Stock

Glowing Pink  80g – In Stock

Golden Sunset  80g – In Stock

Pilly  80g – In Stock

Bobsled  100g – In Stock

Bubble Gum  100g – In Stock

Glow’n’Silver  100g – In Stock

Glowing Pink  100g – In Stock

Golden Sunset  100g – In Stock

Pilly  100g – In Stock

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Ribcage flutters, darts and spirals, it’s action enhanced by the Ridcage design on the rear, portraying an injured baitfish as it bubbles to the depths.

With excessively high glow features amongst the rids and UV properties externaily the Ribcage jig is a weapon in the water and an irresistible jig to predators.


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