Schrade Machete 18″

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The Schrade 18″ Machete SCMACH1 is a big machete for a good price. You immediately notice how properly balanced it is. Especially when you hold it at the end of the handle, you can quickly get to work.

The blade is made from 3Cr13 steel. This steel is stainless and very tough. You don’t choose this type of steel for sharpness retention, but because it can withstand a lot and is easy to sharpen. The black coating makes it look extra tough. The handle is made from TPE: Thermoplastic elastomer. A rubber-like type of plastic that feels great in hand.

The Schrade 18″ Machete comes with a polyester sheath.

Note: a machete like this is used to cut through bushes, leaves and thin branches. For thick branches it’s better to use a saw or axe.

About Schrade Knives

Schrade makes great knives for good prices. That’s what they are good at. There are few brands that can compete with these kinds of prices. This does, however, mean that the finish isn’t always perfect. Not something to worry about, and in line with the prices.


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