Silstar Crystal Power Tip

PC701SWH 10-15kg – In Stock

PC701SWM 6-10kg – In Stock

PC701SPXL 2-4kg – In Stock

PC702NT 2-5kg – In Stock

PC661SWH 10-15kg – In Stock

PC661SWM 6-10kg – In Stock

PC661SPL 6-6kg – In Stock

PC662SPL 3-6kg – In Stock

PC601SWM 6-10kg – In Stock

PC601SPL 3-6kg – In Stock

PC561CAM 4-6kg – In Stock

PC561CAL 3-4kg – Out of Stock

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The Silstar Crystal Powertip Rod is a sensational value-for-money rod with high-end components. They are manufactured of a layered graphite/fibreglass blank with a strong, solid clear tip and come complete with high quality Fuji aluminium oxide guides, Fuji cushioned reel seat and shaped EVA rear and fore grips. These rods have the ability to cast a weighted peeled prawn, strip bait, cunje or a half pilchard, while it casts just as well when you use a large strip bait, pilchard, garfish and even a large metal sliced lure.


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