SK 22LR 40gr High Velocity Match 1263fps

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The NEW SK High Velocity Match 22lr ammunition was specifically designed for the longrange rimfire enthusiast who regularly shoot beyond 100 yards.

The new SK High Velocity Match exits the muzzle at a blistering 1,263 feet per second (385 m/s). Where every second counts in disciplines such as PRS Rimfire and NRL22 you can trust High Velocity Match to strike on-target with both speed and precision.

SK’s 40 grain round-nosed projectile is combined with a proprietary blend of clean-burning, high-energy propellant for reliable functioning in all platforms – shot after shot.

SK’s High Velocity Match aims to break the status quo and offer shooters the first high performance – high velocity .22 LR round.

SK High Velocity Match – Precision has no Speed Zone.

SK High Velocity Match will be available in spring of 2021.


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