Stone Mountain AMO B50 Bow String

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#6254, 54″ – In Stock

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#6260, 60″ – In Stock

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The archery association, Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization or AMO became the Archery Trade Association (ATA) in late 2002 and the AMO bow length is the standard for measuring recurves and longbows and all strings are referred to by their AMO length, not the actual string length.

All bows should display their AMO length on a label affixed to the inside of the bottom limb or engraved onto the side of the riser.

The actual length of

  • a recurve string is usually 4 inches shorter than the AMO length
  • a longbow string is usually 3 inches shorter than the AMO length

What should you order

  • for a 66 inch recurve, you need a 62 inch string, so you will order a 66 inch string
  • for a 64 inch longbow, you need a 61 inch string, so you will order a 64 inch string.

If you no longer have your old bowstring and there is no label or engraving on your bow, you can still ascertain your string length. Lay your bow down with the side facing you when you shoot your bow. The string grooves are located near each bow tip, where your bowstring sits when the bow is strung. Measure your unstrung bow from the string groove, near the tip at one end, following the contours of both bow limbs, down the body, but do not go into the handle or grip area, just across it, to the string groove near the tip at the other end.

Stone Mountain Dacron Recurve Bow Strings are available in the following lengths

  • 54″
  • 60″
  • 62″
  • 64″
  • 66″
  • 68″
  • 70″
  • Please specify size of string required