Storm 360GT Biscay Shad 9cm

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New from Storm for the 2019 season is Biscay Shad. A pre rigged weedless paddle tail profile that will take down a number of estuary and impoundment species when the call for a long casting, super realistic presentation is required.

Designed with long casting and fast fishing in mind, the 360GT Coastal Biscay Minnow features a slim, supple body rigged to a tapered jighead with a fixed hook. This weighted head and body combination allows you to cast further in windy coastal conditions, and fish faster in rough water or when an aggressive presentation is needed. The subtle paddle tail kicks with a life-like action and incredible vibration, even at slow speeds. Every 360GT Coastal Biscay Minnow is extremely visually detailed with each body perfectly color matched to its own jig head. Rigged with a heavy duty VMC® hook.


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