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Many pistol shooters complain about the build up of lead in their revolver and pistol barrels even when using powder coated or other baked on coating systems.  Some coatings will still leave minute tracings of lead and over time will build up lead deposits in barrels. Not only is lead build up a cause of inaccuracy it can also lead to dangerous pressure spikes if not cleaned out. Electroplating a thin layer of copper over the lead solves the problem of lead deposits. Copper, while malleable, bonds extremely well to lead and retains its integrity better than some other coating systems. As with all coating systems take care to not over-crimp.  Overdoing it on the crimping can strip coating and expose the lead when the round is fired.

While some misrepresent any copper coloured bullet as a “Jacketed Bullet”, Tigershark’s are not “jacketed” but are simply coated using an electroplating system with a thin layer of copper making them safe for use on all ranges, including ranges where jacketed bullets are banned. They are also particularly suitable for ranges where lead particles and airborne lead are a concern.

So, if you’re looking for a clean, accurate, and great looking bullet for your loads give Tigershark’s a go.

  • 9mm/38 Super 123gn Round Nose 500pk
  • 9mm/38 Super 123gn Hollow Point 500pk
  • 9mm/38 Super 135gn Round Nose 500pk
  • 9mm/38 Super 135gn Hollow Point 500pk
  • 9mm/.38 Super 145gr Round Nose 500pk
  • .38/357 Mag 148gn Hollow Base Wad Cutter 500pk
  • .38/357 Mag 158gr Semi Wad Cutter 500pk
  • .38/357 Mag 158gr Hollow Point 500pk
  • .44 Cal 240gr Round Nose Flat Point 250pk


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