Zerek Live Shrimp 3.5″ 7g

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THE Zerek Live Shrimp is the most popular of all the Zerek lures and that’s little wonder as it is amazingly life-like, exceptionally durable and catches fish everywhere.  With a life-like, realistic colour range, the Zerek Live Shrimp has mastered the prawn imitation with innovation design and attention to detail that brings these lures to life in the water.

A unique rigging slot in the body is designed to shiled the hook allowing the Live Shrimp to be fished in the heaviest of cover while maintaining an exceptional hook-up rate. An in-built rattle chamber allows for extra sonics and the unique moving legs provide subtle action that appeals to wary fish.

The Live Shrimp can be rigged on the supplied weedless worm hook or on a conventional jig head for open area fishing and the lumo eyes and segmented tail provide even further attraction while this lure is being used.

Available in 2″, 3.5″ and 5″ sizes, as well as unrigged twin packs in 3.5″ and 5″, the Zerek Live Shrimp is still the most productive soft shrimp lure in the country. Use the best, use Zerek.