Zman MinnowZ 3″

Baby Bass #2850 – In Stock

Beer Run #386 – In Stock

Calico Candy #2587 – Out of Stock

Chartreuse – In Stock

Electric Chicken #2800 – In Stock

Houdini #2810 – Out of Stock

Motor Oil #2816 – In Stock

Midnight Oil #3375 – Out of Stock

New Penny #2803 – Out of Stock

Opening Night – Out of Stock

Pearl #2808 – In Stock

Golden Boy #2858 – In Stock

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The perfect baitfish profile, with lively paddle tail in a versatile size that has proven deadly on everything from flathead to mangrove jack and bass to barra. MinnowZ come in a great range of colours to suit every application, in a profile that is one of our most popular.

A split-fin design on the back of the MinnowZ makes it perfect for rigging weedless on a TT Lures ChinlockZ or SnakelockZ jighead, or fish it on the surface with a ChinlockZ hook due to the bouyancy of the ElaZtech construction. The ElaZtech construction also means that the MinnowZ is super-soft and flexible for maximum action and realistic feel, while also being up to 10X tougher than a standard plastic.